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CM for Teams

"Everyone speaks, but not everyone is heard." Have you ever had one of those moments when you're trying to make a point but it just doesn't seem to get through? When these miscommunications become a regular occurance, it only leads to more stress and frustration. How do we learn to move forward with our teams when it can be so tough to find common ground? Your team is like members of a symphony orchestra. Each instrument brings a unique sound to the music. If the instruments are out of tune or trying to play someone else's part, the orchestra is hard to listen to. And if they're each playing different songs...even worse! But when they're well-conducted their music blends into a harmonious and cohesive whole.  GiANT Worldwide has developed a highly respected, team-unifying program that centers around identifying your unique communication voice, discovering what it sounds like to others, and learning how to understand and value voices that are different than our own. The five voices include: Nurturer, Creative, Guardian, Connector and Pioneer.

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5 Voices for Teams


With 5 Voices training you will learn how to transform your team by understanding how to operate securely within your own voice, while valuing the voice of others. Together with your team you will deepen relational trust, unlock your team's true potential and accelerate its performance.

Use this training to transform:

  • Meetings, team collaboration, brainstorming

  • Self awareness and confidence

  • Relational trust

  • Team alignment and increased team performance

Discovering your leadership voice

Workshop #1

The power of your voice

Workshop #2

The art of collaboration

Workshop #3

Optimizing team performance

Workshop #4

Team kryptonite

Workshop #5





Small and large groups

(10-75 people)

Time Commitment

90 minutes per session or

one full day intensive

Labs and Coaching


Information transfer isn't transformation, you have to practice it. Each workshop has guided, follow up labs to help you make the learning your own. Labs are customized based on your team's assessment.


Small groups

(1-10 people)

Lab include:

  • Unpacking the tools

  • Practicing collaboration

  • Unpacking your kryptonite

  • Know yourself to lead yourself

Time Commitment

5 sessions

90 minutes per session

"The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply."

Stephen Covey

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