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CM for Messaging

I have great news. You already possess the right tool to connect in a way that aligns with how people make decisions: the principles of Story. Our brains are masterful navigators, guiding us through a sea of information to focus on what it deems essential which it then weaves into compelling narratives. It's more than a strategy. Everyone's brain does it by default, all the time. And once you see how it works you'll never be able to unsee it. Our StoryLens training helps anyone learn to couple this new paradigm with their own unique, innate strengths to create messages that will resonate like a lighthouse in the fog, guiding their audience toward their intended purpose. Teams will learn to easily employ story structure in their daily communications, transforming every presentation, meeting, or training into a compelling narrative.

StoryLens for Messaging


With StoryLens training you will learn how to maximize your impact with an audience when you "think like a storyteller" in your prepared communication moments -- any audience of any size.

Use this training to transform:

  • Meetings, presentations, team trainings

  • Customer communication, marketing

  • Video scripting and communication

  • Team alignment, leadership development


Small and large groups

(10-75 people)

You're creating either connection or distance 

Workshop #1

It's all about story

Workshop #2

The heart of the matter is what matters

Workshop #3

Help your audience know what to do

Workshop #4

Creating a StoryLens

Workshop #5




Time Commitment

2 hours per session, or

one full day

Labs and Coaching


Information transfer isn't transformation, you have to practice it. Each workshop has guided, follow up labs to help you make the learning your own. We have over 40 labs we can customize based on your team's assessment.


Small groups

(1-10 people)

Lab samples include:

  • Unpacking the conflict

  • Creating story building blocks

  • Creating a Roadmap

  • How to use facts and data

  • Using metaphors

  • Story settings: Exploring differnt media

Time Commitment

Customized sessions

60 minutes. Bi-monthly.

Introductory Seminars

We understand that a lot of our training is a big commitment. How do you know that our style or our training works for you? Maybe your teams are skeptical of another training. With this in mind we've crafted one-off keynotes for your whole organization so that we can introduce some foundational concepts of Communication Moment training. Presentations include:

1. "Introduction to the 5 Voices"

2. "Are You the Villain in Someone Else's Story?"

3. "How to Tell a Compelling Story"

4. "The Two Foundational Leadership Tools"


Your whole organization

Time Commitment

60-90 minutes.

One time.

"The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world,
you need to change your story."

Michael Margolis

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