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Transform into a workplace where everyone is valued, experiences connection and knows their purpose.

When it feels like you can't keep your people on the same page, your team gets stuck. But...
When you learn to understand and value the person across from you, something unexpected happens.
You increase your value,
they feel connected, and your people become unstoppable.
Group of multicultural people women and men covering their ears do not want to listen each

Valued, connected teams
do their best work.

Collaboration, employee retention, job satisfaction, adaptability, increased capacity, healthy conflict resolution. These are signs that your team is healthy and working toward the same goal. When people are doing their best work it affects the bottom line and everyone wins.

Business coach. Rear view of man gesturing with hand while standing against defocused grou

But too many teams are disconnected and feel stuck.

Siloed teams, frustration, high turnover, controlling behavior, territorialism, drama, gossip, repeated work, poor employee evaluations. These are signs that your team is disconnected and it feels like a clogged water pipe that you can't unstick. This also affects your bottom line, but not in a way that's helpful.

The key to a connected organization is healthy communication. 

Communication Moment can help you:​

UNDERSTAND what healthy communication looks like

IMPLEMENT healthy communication skills

REPRODUCE healthy communication skills throughout your organization


​On DAY ONE. Without having to implement a whole "new program."

How does Communication Moment work?

Communication Moment training brings learning to life and helps it stick through:

  • Simple, visual tools

  • Evidence-based concepts

  • The principles of story

Our brains love two things: Simplicity and stories. The intersection of those two things create understanding and meaning for every learner.


Stories are the built-in strategy that our brains use to create and assign meaning. Utilizing visual tools in a digital culture means individuals will not only learn quickly, but will be able to pass along those tools to others throughout your entire organization.  


In the end whole teams will revolutionize their communication and operate from a place of health, wholeness and humility. No weird terminology or quick-fix. Just an approach that helps.

We have a track for whole teams that are ready, or a track targeted right at leaders in order to help them be someone that others want to follow. 

Communication Moment can help your team reach its summit but where you you start? Let our team plot the course with a customized Trail Map for FREE.

The Trail Map will help you:

1. Get Oriented

Discover your team's realistic starting point in relation to where you want to be.

2. Map the Terrain

Uncover your team's liabilities, hazards, and the resources that will impact how successfully your team reaches its goals.

3. Plot Your Course

Get a customized plan in your hands that outlines the path forward. 

Where will my team see transformation?

We partner with GiANT Worldwide, an industry leader in organizational training, tools and resources, as a certified guide.

Get in touch to schedule your free assessment.


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